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Prevent unauthorised transactions in your account ---> Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with your stock brokers. Receive information of your transactions directly from Exchange on your mobile/email at the end of the day .......... Investors beware. Do not trade on the basis of SMS tips. Take an informed decision before investing.......... Issued in the interest of Investors


For the mature investor, who is aware of risks in the market, Derivatives could be a great way to trade, and we offer a robust platform to trade Derivatives.
Derivatives lets you trade in a large number of stocks and also in Index for a small margin. For example, if you had only Rs 2 lakh instead of Rs 10 lakh to buy a stock, by paying margin of Rs. 2 Lakh you can create position in Derivatives Futures for higher value.

You can take positions in a "Futures" contract and for a relatively small amount of margin money you can take a larger exposure. You could also trade in "Options" for a small premium, which gives you the right in case of "Call" option (obligation in case of Writing of any option) to purchase/ sell a pre-determined number of shares at a pre-determined price.

Futures and Options are risky investing options, so be sure of whether it suits your risk appetite or not.

HDFC Securities delivers crisp information on Futures and Options, contract specifications, and calculators on Option pricing and cost of carry. Use our robust platform to trade derivatives.

To Trade in Derivatives you need to furnish your financial documents. Click here to know more.